• Asmodee acquires Plan B Games group

    the creator of Azul

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  • Board Game Arena, the leading online platform,

    joins Asmodee to pursue
    innovation in board games
    across the globe

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  • Asmodee establishes Asmodee Korea

    to strengthen
    its presence in Asia

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  • Libellud

    editor of Dixit and Mysterium
    joins Asmodee

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  • Asmodee welcomes Repos Production,

    editor of Time’s Up, Concept,
    Just One and 7 Wonders

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  • Asmodee welcomes Lui-même

    publisher of Werewolves
    of Miller’s Hollow and Skull

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  • Marvel Team-Up

    With Aconyte
    for Super Novels

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  • Cortex

    The Product range
    joins Asmodee Group

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  • Ticket to Ride

    Propagate & Asmodee Entertainment
    Developing TV Competition Series Based On Board Game

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    A new Studio
    for game accessories

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  • ADC Blackfire Entertainment

    in exclusive discussions
    to join Asmodee Group

A worldwide player in the game industry

We create great games and tell amazing stories

Using the narrative power of games, we aspire to create experiences that follow game players throughout their life, across all forms of media. We are committed to offering to every person the opportunity to live great stories and intense moments.

In 2021 43 million games sold

20 distribution Business units

Success stories

Discover some of the most iconic properties were created, conceived and distributed

Explore our IPs 
  • Dobble / Spot-It !

    There’s Only One Match!

    Dobble / Spot-It!

    Find the match and win

    Test your observational skills and your reflexes with the award-winning gameplay of Dobble / Spot It!, a game of lightning-fast choices for two to eight players. Players compete to find the matching symbols and the player with the most cards when the deck runs out wins! Simple and fun, with dozens of awards and possible versions married to elegant gameplay, Dobble / Spot It! has become a global phenomenon.

  • catan3


    Trade, Build and Settle


    Settle your own world, your own way

    Catan is the powerful, universal story of man’s quest to explore the world, to discover, trade, build, and settle . Rooted in curiosity and adventure, it’s all about solving an ever-changing puzzle while doing the right thing. Catan’s story is rooted in values, history, mystery and mysticism. Guarding nature’s core secrets, it invites virtually limitless exploration. Explore it today and become the master of your own destiny.

  • Ticket to ride

    The ultimate train adventure

    Ticket to ride

    Taking the train will never be the same again

    Set in the 1900’s Ticket to Ride is a game that explores the bond of five friends. And their attempts to one up each other, in a set of ever increasing challenges. But their toughest game is yet to come. They will each compete to try to visit the most North American by rail in 7 days. The winner gets 1 Million dollars. Good luck!

  • arkham-horror3

    Arkham Horror

    Lovecraftian horror

    Arkham Horror

    If Lovecraft made games, it would look a lot like this

    It’s the roaring 20s, and while there’s electricity in the air, unnatural storms are brewing as well. Strange things are happening in the small Massachusetts town of Arkham: people have gone missing, sightings of indescribable creatures grow more and more frequent, the very air thickens with a sense of foreboding that roils like an acrid mist through the streets. What is going on? Find out and prepare to be scared.

  • times-story3

    T.I.M.E Stories

    Adventures in T.I.M.E.

    T.I.M.E Stories

    Protect humanity from time and itself

    We’ve now mastered time travel but faults and paradoxes threaten the fabric of time. Only the T.I.M.E agency has the power and ability to protect humanity. Are you up to the test?

Exploding Kittens

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For the past 20 years, we have been scouting around for the best family games on the market : party games, card games, for 8+ and young adults.

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Catan Studio

We develop and publish Catan® games

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Fantasy Flight Games

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Days of Wonder

Play Different

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Repos Production

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Space Cowboys

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Z-Man Games

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Atomic Mass Games

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Edge Entertainment

Play beyond the limits

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Pearl Games

Young publisher of modern board games

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Lookout Games

Games on the Kennerspiel level

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Bezzerwizzer Studio

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Purple Brain

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Unexpected Games

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Rebel Studio

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Asmodee digital-publishes and distributes the best digital games experience, replicating in the digital world what has made Asmodee’s success. We work tirelessly to insure gamers get the same experience on and off-line.


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