The Asmodee group has always been strongly committed to exemplary integrity and ethics in the conduct of its business and in its relations with all stakeholders. Rules of conduct, principles and guidelines governing ethics and environmental and social responsibility have been defined to establish the behavior required of the Group’s executives and employees, as well as our suppliers and partners.

Asmodee’s Code of Conduct is derived from the company’s common corporate values, laws and different international guidelines. Our code reflects our corporate responsibility and culture. 

We share our Code of Conduct and other policies with our Group Embracer 

Embracer clarify our common values and principles by turning our Code of Conduct into a series of playful stories inspired by retro gaming. Have a look! 

To clarify any questions relating to this Code please contact us at

Currently Policies available: 

  1. Code of conduct
  2. Supplier code of conduct
  3. Trade compliance